Technical Advisors

At Summit, we’re proud to work with the following technical advisors:

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Darian Muresan, Ph.D.

Chief Technical Officer,

Dr. Muresan has 19 years of relevant technology and domain knowledge in systems and software engineering lifecycle for multi-intelligence systems and capabilities. He managed several light detection and ranging (LiDAR)-based internal research and development (IR&D) programs for streaming LiDAR and processing Geiger mode LiDAR. Dr. Muresan has expertise in hardware, software, and two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) algorithm development. He holds several patents in 2D and 3D image processing, including a patent called “Process and System for Three-Dimensional Urban Modeling,” Patent No. 7,752,483 B1, July 2010. The patent was for the development of a 3D urban LiDAR scanning system developed under Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA’s) Exploitation of 3D Data (E3D/3DF) and UrbanScape programs.  He is a partner in several imaging technology startups, where he develops signal processing algorithms and solutions for a wide range of customers in military, medical, industrial, agricultural and e-commerce fields.


Michael T. Uttaro, Ph.D.

President, Tactical Operations Support Services LLC.

Mr. Uttaro is an expert in electronic security, command & control communication systems.

Mr. Uttaro formally managed the FBI’s Tactical Operations Support Center (TOSC), a national resource available to law enforcement and intelligence agencies conducting physical and electronic surveillance operations. Through a variety of leadership posts, Dr. Uttaro has developed and managed highly successful technical programs. He was a leader in forging critical partnerships with the security industry as well as collaboration with academia to further USG capabilities in a number of areas. Dr. Uttaro has conducted extensive research in the area of situational awareness and judgment theory, with particular focus on decision making under tactical conditions. He has participated in and was responsible for over 4000 tactical covert operations and managed a 400 percent increase in case support to domestic law enforcement and the intelligence communities resulting from terrorism. Dr. Uttaro has also directed research, development, and deployment of microphone – video technology and supervised national-international deployments of communication systems.

Mr. Uttaro has developed tactical lock decoding systems that is proprietary technology and offered only to selected military and law enforcement audiences.


ImranImran Chaudhri

Solutions Architect, MarkLogic; Tech Founder, Apixio; Board Advisor, TSPi

Imran joined MarkLogic to focus on bringing enterprise quality NoSQL solutions for managing large diverse data integrations and analytics to the healthcare IT marketplace. Imran co-founded Apixio with the vision of solving the clinical data overload problem and has been developing a HIPAA compliant clinical big data analytics platform. The big data platform makes extensive use of cloud computing based NOSQL technolgies such as Hadoop, Cassandra, and Solr. Imran also co-founded TSPi healthcare for providing a high end but cost effective distributed Platform as a Service (PaaS) “MicroCloud” for healthcare clinics and other SMB markets. In addition to distributed computing and storage, MicroCloud provides automated high available, disaster recovery, security, and reporting. Previously, Imran co-founded Anka Systems and focused on the execution of EyeRoute’s business development, product definition, engineering, and operations. EyeRoute was the world’s first distributed big data ophthalmology image management system. Imran was also the IHE EyeCare Technical Committee Co-chair. Before Anka Systems, Imran was a founder and CTO of FastTide, the worlds first operational performance based meta-content delivery network. Prior to FastTide, Imran was the Chief Network Architect for X-Stream Networks, England’s third largest consumer ISP. Imran was also one of the founders and the Director of Technology at IgT where he was responsible for product definition and architecture. Imran has an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from McGill University, a Masters degree in the same field from Cornell University and over 25 years of experience in the industry.


SBishop pixArthur “Skip” Bishop

President, Bishop Tennis, Inc.

Mr. Bishop’s expertise includes high technology based construction techniques, including air structures (bubbles), laser grading, and innovative sport & recreation platforms.